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New Studies are Linking Higher Mortality Rates Among Colon Cancer Patients

Smoking with colon cancer kills you faster – it’s that simple. New studies are linking higher mortality rates among colon cancer patients that currently smoke versus those who don’t.

Data collected by researchers who studied 5-year survival odds for just over 18,000 people determined that subjects with colon cancer who smoked were 14% more likely to die during the 5-year period in which the data sample was taken.

“We don’t know exactly how smoking causes colorectal cancer in this case or makes prognosis worse; however, it clearly does, just like in many other human cancers,” said Dr. David Weinberg of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

An important fact worth noting is, this data is a reflection of “current” smokers. Statistics show that former smokers were not affected much like their nonsmoking counterparts.

While there are still many questions left unanswered concerning this research, one thing is for sure: smoking shortens your life. For the complete story, click here.

Bryan Hinkle Hinkle


11 months ago


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