Kiel Colon Cancer

Real Talk about Colonoscopies

What made you sign up to get a colonoscopy?

“Having a colonoscopy was never something that I considered having done. My thoughts about it was really nothing that I would do on my own as all I could think about was having to take that awful concoction of liquid laxative stuff to prepare for it. I’d had to go through this prep with for a couple of upper GI tract exams and there was nothing in me that would ever do it again. However, thru my doctor urging me to do so, then becoming to know more about colon cancer through the Kiel Colon Foundation, I realized that this was not about the prep, but about what could be life and death if there was something going on in my colon.”

Tell us about the procedure? How difficult and/or uncomfortable was it?

“So, I scheduled the colonoscopy, had my initial consultation and to my surprise there was an option to have the colonic irrigation instead of the liquid laxative drink. Although that option was not covered by my insurance, I knew that this would help ease my hesitations and I would follow thru with the colonoscopy. Having had colonic hydrotherapy before I felt it was safe and I could handle it. It was definitely easy and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. After the procedure I was advised to schedule my next one for 5 years out. It is that time now and I have been hesitant to schedule due to the pandemic, but will schedule after I have my second scheduled vaccine. “

What message would you share with people about this important screening?

“I would share that we are losing people to what can be caught early without loss of life. Chadwick Boseman and Natalie Desselle-Reid both from my favorite movies, succumbed to this disease which lets us all know that this colon cancer is real and not to be ignored. So, get screened is my message to all of us. Get screened.”

Alysia D. Friday,

Kiel Colon Foundation Board Member


LaTashia Kiel


3 years ago


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