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Our custom “Blue Knots” are now available for purchase. We urge everyone to participate in our “Blue Knots” initiative, an annual March campaign involving the integration of blue shoelaces in one’s shoes. The action aims to honor those who have been afflicted by the disease and bring worldwide consciousness to colon cancer. By tying “blue knots” in our shoes during the month of March, we plan to make this small but potentially impactful gesture a universal symbol of public awareness for the disease. It is effortless to engage in the “Blue Knots” initiative because we wear shoes in every aspect of life – to exercise, to work, to attend school, to business meetings and to grab a quick cup of coffee. For this reason, let’s tie together and take the quick moment of integrating blue laces in our shoes as a symbol of our ongoing fight with colon cancer. Purchase your pair and support – whether it’s March or not!

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