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ColonTown, an Online Colon Cancer Community

Colontown is the latest online support group for those in the fight against cancer to fellowship with others under similar circumstances. It is a private Facebook community with over 2,500 colon cancer patients at various stages. This online community is divided into 40 neighborhoods, and each one has a positive moment.
Statistics show that fewer than five percent of adults with cancer will participate in a clinical trial, according to the American Cancer Society. Member Kristin Tabeling of Colorado Springs, Colorado, found a clinical trial for her husband while browsing through Colontown; San Diego scientist and group member Tom Marsilje makes frequent posts online as soon as he gets notified of any new scientific progress; Mr. Marsilje is in Stage 4 of colon cancer, himself, and still remains to be one of loudest advocates for change in the online group. If interested in becoming a member of Colontown, call the helpline at 877-422-2030, or check out the website here.

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