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Studies Show the Mediterranean Diet Reduces Colon Cancer Risk

Studies Show Mediterranean Diet Reduces Colon Cancer Risk

Studies Show the Mediterranean Diet Reduces Colon Cancer Risk

Colorectal cancer is currently ranked as the second deadliest cause of cancer-related deaths, as well as ranked the third most common cancer in both men and women. There are approximately 135,000 cases that were diagnosed in 2016 alone; around 37% are expected to be fatal. Men and women can both be inflicted by colorectal cancer but at different rates. Men have a 4.7% chance of being diagnosed, while women have a 4.4% chance. Fortunately, this is where MedDiet and EVOO come into play. Recent studies show that being on the Mediterranean Diet, as well as consuming extra virgin olive oil, is beneficial to colorectal cancer prevention and various other cancers, such as breast cancer, bladder cancer, and brain cancer. There have been two main studies done to prove that the diet and olive oil trick work.

The first one was published in the Journal of Nutrition where it investigated four quality indexes: (HEI), the (AHEI), the (aMED), and the (DASH). The main idea of the study was to take data from the (MEC) in which they used various people from various ethnic backgrounds. The (MEC) focused on the data that were majority of overall mortality and colorectal cancer-specific incidents. The results supported the hypothesis that the higher the MedDiet score was, the lower the colorectal cancer mortality was and lower all-cause mortality, but only for women. MedDiet was the only diet that went hand in hand with a better chance of surviving colorectal cancer.

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The second study was published in the British Journal of Cancer. Since they were using the “Mediterranean” diet, they wanted to study the Mediterranean location, so they investigated colorectal cancer risk in Italy. The study pooled data from three different hospitals that contained colorectal cancer patients, with a total of over 3,700 incidents. They also collected food frequency questionnaires to see the traditional MedDiet with its relationship to colorectal cancer. The results were very convincing. The data showed that a high adherence to the MedDiet reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by 50%. Also, if you consumed vegetables, fish, and monounsaturated fats such as (EVOO) but also had a lower consumption in meats, then your risk of colorectal cancer was reduced heavily. However, if you rarely ate cereal and potatoes, alongside of having a high consumption of dairy products, then your risk of colorectal cancer increased drastically. The authors confirmed that MedDiet does play a favorable role on colorectal risk.

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