Kiel Colon Cancer

Kiel Colon Cancer “Blue Tie” Affair

Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation Blue Tie Affair

What is it?

The Blue Tie Affair is the Kiel Colon Cancer’s annual sneaker-themed gala designed to raise awareness for colon cancer while allowing its participants to take part in a themed night out on the town.

Details about the structure of the event include:


  • Party Theme: Casino Night – We’ll have multiple Blackjack tables, Roulette tables and  8-foot Craps setups on hand.
  • Attire: Black Blue Tie ‘Optional’ –  For men, “black tie optional” means you don’t have to go out and purchase a tuxedo for the event, but this simply does not mean that you can wear anything of your choice. It is still be necessary to wear a proper suit; not any sport jacket or a funky T-shirt. We do ask that you wear a nice blue tie – bow tie or neck tie. Oh, and leave the dress shoes at home; sneakers only! For women, you have a few more options. You can show up on our 50-foot blue carpet in a long evening gown, a nice, knee-length cocktail dress or well-stitched dressy separates. Make sure you’re dressed in blue, and wear your sneakers too!
  • Location: Rock Rose Hall – Our second annual “Blue Tie” Affair will be held at the luxurious, state-of-the-art Rock Rose Hall in the Domain’s Rock Rose District of North Austin. The nearly 3,000 square-foot venue features a 669 square-foot balcony that sits right above the busy Rock Rose Avenue.
  • Food and Drink – We have an open bar all night long that features our themed drink of the night, the “Blue Knot.” Also, a slew of Hors d’oeuvres will flow throughout the event.
  • Prizes and Awards – We’ll have a slew of door prizes, raffles and gift certificates from some of Austin’s most notable restaurants. Additionally, we’ll have special prize packages for the winners of our specific awards:
    • The “Mr. K-Man” Award – set aside for the best dressed male we spot on the Blue Carpet.
    • The “Mrs. K-Man” Award – set aside for the best dressed female we spot on the Blue Carpet.
    • The “Two Blue” Award – set aside for the best couple we spot on the Blue Carpet.
    • The “Elvis” Award – No, we’re not looking for “Blue Suede Shoes,” but this award will be set aside for the best sneaker we spot on the Blue Carpet.
    • The “Blue Knot” Award – Sure, we’ll be looking for #BlueKnots in your sneakers, but this award will be set aside for the person who wears the most creative blue tie to the event.

Lace Up, Participate and Experience an amazing night out on the town for a good cause…in sneakers! Register below.

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History of Blue Tie Affair

In October 2016, we held our first annual Kiel Colon Cancer “Blue Tie” affair at the Google Fiber Space in Downtown Austin, Texas. We hosted just over 100 guests at the centrally-located venue, and they were treated to numerous Hors D’oeuvres, a delicious avocado bar, an open bar, giveaways blackjack tables, roulette tables, craps tables and an AMAZING live band for our wholesome casino-themed night. Guests were dressed up in suits, tuxedos, gowns, cocktail dresses and of course blue ties and sneakers to coincide with the theme. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Michelle Lane, a Texas State University colon cancer researcher, shared 20 minutes worth of strong information regarding colon cancer rates rising in young adults, colon cancer-fighting diets and much more.

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Registration for the Kiel Colon Cancer "Blue Tie" Affair has closed.


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