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Kiel Colon Cancer 1st Annual “Blue Tie” Affair – Photo Booth Recap

The KCCF “Blue Tie” Affair is Here to Stay.

This past Saturday, we held our first annual Kiel Colon Cancer “Blue Tie” affair, a sneaker-themed formal benefit event, at the Google Fiber Space in Downtown Austin, Texas, and it was nothing short of a success.

We hosted just over 100 guests at the centrally-located venue, and they were treated to numerous Hors D’oeuvres, a delicious avocado bar, an open bar, giveaways blackjack tables, roulette tables, craps tables and an AMAZING live band for our wholesome casino-themed night.

Guests were dressed up in suits, tuxedos, gowns, cocktail dresses and of course blue ties and sneakers to coincide with the theme.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Michelle Lane, a Texas State University colon cancer researcher, shared 20 minutes worth of strong information regarding colon cancer rates rising in young adults, colon cancer-fighting diets and much more.

If you missed out, we’re sorry! We won’t be providing recap photos of the event itself (you had to be there to see what really took place), but we have a hilarious recap of everyone who entered the photo booth. For those who came, we appreciate the support and hope you had a great time. Download single photos of yourself in the photo booth at the link below.

PLEASE check it out:
Download Password: 4432

Be on the lookout for news regarding the second “Blue Tie” Affair.

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8 months ago


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