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Anti-Colon Cancer Spaghetti?


What do you think of when you hear spaghetti? Younger readers will probably think of, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!” Some may think of food fights in a school cafeteria. Maybe even the iconic kiss scene in “The Lady and the Tramp.” Whatever you recall, spaghetti is good no matter how you dress it up. What if I told you that spaghetti can prevent colorectal cancer? If you’re thinking, “no way!”, well, I too had that same thought.

Researchers in Iran at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences have produced a type of prebiotic spaghetti that can prevent or considerably reduce the chances of developing colon cancer.

“This particularly enriched type of spaghetti is rich in nutritional properties and a functional food that contains healthy additives,” said project manager, Amir Amini.

The increasing number of colorectal cancer patients in Iran over the past three decades has caused major concern. The decreasing age of people diagnosed with colon cancer due to a poor diet is what led these researchers to come up with what could be a helpful solution.

Probiotics live in the lining of the colon, which feed on prebiotics and increase the number of probiotics, reduces bad cholesterols in the body, ultimately creating a healthier impact on the body. Now with the support of scientific evidence, this spaghetti can be optimized to help combat the risk of the disease of colorectal cancer. These long, skinny noodles have shifted the focus to the mental and physical well being by helping create the world’s first prototype of prebiotic spaghetti; it now needs sponsors for mass production, Amini notes.

Bryan Hinkle Hinkle


1 year ago


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